Saturday, October 01, 2005

Playing Pool

Played pool against Rico Diks (former European 9 Ball Champion ) and Eva Linn Fossheim on Friday night at the pool club. They were doing trick shots, speed pool competitions and challenge matches. They were both very friendly and very good - I got whipped every game I played against either. Andy, Mark & Martin didn't do much better but it was a laugh anyway.Blurry photo Martin took of me setting my speed pool personal best!

There were some other pros like Chris Grzesik, Steve Knight, Imran Majid and Martin Mullaney there on the night and they did participate in the speed pool competition. I now have a speed pool personal best of 1m44s which is over a minute longer than the pros took :(

Rico and Eva sang a few songs as well and if you want to find out more about their band Amigdela check out the Amigdela website.


Blogger MJ said...

I've got a couple of nice blurry shots of you playing if you fancy a look! I'm happy to post them on the web somewhere if you don't mind...

1/10/05 18:47  
Blogger Jon said...

Thanks for the photo!

2/10/05 19:35  

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