Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SONY BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. sucks!

Last November I wrote about my disappointment at missing Brandi Carlile's London gig. So in attempt at being proactive and avoiding further disappointment I signed up to the notifications facility on her UK website, which is run and managed by SONY BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

Lo and behold, I received an e-mail from them this evening saying:

Hi Jon

Good news! Brandi will be back in the UK for 2 shows in late July! The London show is sold out but there are still some tickets available for the July 26 show.

26th July - Sage Gateshead SummerTyne Festival, Newcastle (Buy Tickets)

28th July - Mean Fiddler @ Arts Theatre, London (Sold Out)

- 2008 SONY BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd

SOLD OUT?!?!?!?!?

Why send me an e-mail telling me that the gig is sold out? I'd rather not have known she was playing in London.

Why wasn't the e-mail sent out before the tickets went on sale?

Those idiots at SONY BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. really, really, SUCK.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the same message and the same blood-boiling reaction. I've been waiting for an announcement keenly hoping to see Brandi Carlile's gig, only to be told "She's now playing and it's sold out".

Sony BMG won't be on my Christmas card list. Let's only hope Brandi annnounces some more UK dates/venues.

25/6/08 17:40  
Blogger Ellie Waite said...

Hi Jon - My name is Ellie and I work with Brand's management team in the US. Sorry to hear that the announcement didn't get out until the show was sold out. Were you able to find tickets anywhere?


25/6/08 18:29  
Blogger Jon said...

Hi Paul & Ellie,

Paul: It is incredibly annoying not even having the opportunity to buy tickets. Hopefully she'll be in London again sometime soon.

Ellie: I've looked everywhere I can think of to get tickets, even eBay, but haven't seen any. I considered going to Newcastle but once I worked out the logistics it just isn't feasible.

25/6/08 23:21  
Blogger ToonCat said...

Jon - I may have a couple of spares for tonight's gig if you're still looking. Not spamming you, honest. I'm currently waiting to hear from friends about whether they can come so am looking for a worthy home for the tickets if they can't make it.

28/7/08 11:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across these comments whilst having a last desperate attempt to get hold of last minute tickets after the same, disappointing, 'Sony' experience. Agreed - news of a gig before it's Sold Out would be really really helpful and kind of what you expect when youy sign up to mailings. Strange also because the Newcastle one was advertised in advance... Anyway, Tooncat, if you do end up having tickets going spare and Jon (above) for any reason can't take them, I'd love to hear from you. I work close to the venue so it would be easy to meet and in all liklihood i'll be heading that way anyway on the optimistic hope of Returns...



28/7/08 12:56  
Blogger Jon said...

Many thanks to Ellie for arranging me tickets.

Also thanks to Kate for offering me a pair yesterday.

Paul, I hope you managed to make it, and Lou I hope you had as good a time as I did.

29/7/08 08:59  

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