Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Chewbacca Defence

In the annals of the history of American legal argument there is one argument that has stricken fear into the hearts and minds of every prosecutor who has ever been unfortunate enough to encounter it during a jury trial. Its use is frowned upon by the judiciary which is of the opinion that it perverts the course of justice and makes a mockery of the American legal system, but despite attempts to curtail its effectiveness, constitutional law makes them powerless to dilute its devastating power.

The defence itself strikes so much fear into lawyers that I have decided that to post it here would be irresponsible and possibly dangerous so I have provided a link to it instead.

For those of you who are not lawyers (or lawyers with medical aid at the ready - remember I'm not resposible for any psychotic breaks, emotional turmoil or cardiovascular distress that you may suffer), I give you the Chewbacca Defence.



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