Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quite like Boris's article on Prince Charles, I particularly like his Mail bashing, as I can't stand the putrid stench that eminates from that paper. The reason d'etre for it seems to be to stir up as much public panic as possible and then in the same issue to say "look how much better we are than those people who live in that place called 'abroad'". Its a waste of trees, that propaganda filled publication, apparently staffed by mentally deficient bigots with too much time on their hands. The editor should be tarred and feathered, frequently, perhaps it could be made into a roadshow visiting a different town each week, with the ocassional public pelting of rotting fruit and veg to add some variety.

I agree with Boris's comment
Go on Charles: you keep firing off those green ink letters to ministers; you keep going with the unfashionable causes; keep babbling away to the herbaceous borders; don't stop caring about Tibet and the Book of Common Prayer; don't worry about the treacherous toads who defect to a self-interested media. The Prince's actions are completely harmless, and sometimes useful.
I do appreciate that Charles has a public life and in sometime represents Great Britain on the international stage, but he also is entitled to an opinion. Also, apart from a growing number of private citizens agreeing with his opinions, so far I haven't seen an opinion of his that is really controversial. If he was a junior politician, a journalist or an author no one would complain, possibly no one would even comment.


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