Monday, November 21, 2005

Death of a sparrow

I saw a link about this on Sam's blog and thought that I had to share.

A Dutch team has set a new domino-toppling World Record, setting up and then toppling 4,155,476 dominos. That's right four million, one hundred and fifty five thousand, four hundred and seventy six dominos. Kind makes you wonder if they couldn't have just added four more. Surely another 24 wouldn't have taken more than a few minutes to add!

Anyway back to the major controversy, some idiot let a sparrow into the building that the record was being set at. The startled sparrow knocked over a few (thousand) dominos and as a consequence it paid for this transgression with its life. That's right; the poor defenceless sparrow was executed! Okay I know that hundreds of volunteers spent months setting it up, but surely the person who left the window open was the one that deserved to be shot.

You can learn more about it all here at the BBC website and/or watch a short video of the record being set.

I think that the directors of the production company Endemol should suffer the same fate as the unfortunate avian. Call it natural justice if you will. If not for the death of an innocent (sparrow), then for the large scale torture that they have inflicted upon millions of helpless viewers through their heinous 'Big Brother' franchise.


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