Friday, October 21, 2005


Panoramio - website screenshotA nice idea pulling together different google technologies with the addition of user submitted photos to create a virtual tour of places around the world.

When you have an opportunity it is worth spending 5 minutes playing with panoramio to see how it works, if you have photos of your town then contribute :).



Blogger Jon said...

I've added a few photos now; you can find one here, see if you can find any of the others ;)

21/10/05 14:54  
Blogger MJ said...

- Swan/Pembroke Castle Moat
- Pembroke Castle/Pembroke
- Lacock Abbey/Lacock
- Standing Stones/Avebury
- Stonehenge/Salisbury

Did I miss any? :-D

I'm sure I've seen these photos somewhere before ;)

22/10/05 15:56  
Blogger Jon said...

That was quick!

How did you manage to find them all?

22/10/05 19:54  
Blogger MJ said...

They're next to each other in the most recently added list on the main page :-)

23/10/05 16:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon, thanks for your post about Panoramio. We are glad you like it. The last month we have made big improvements , for example you can see Jon Hill personal area with comments to your pics. Hope you like it.

12/12/05 12:17  
Blogger Jon said...

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for the post. I think that your Panoramio website is a great fusion of technologies and a really nice idea.

It is good to see that you are continuing to develop it.

14/12/05 09:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

Some days ago we made a major change in the mapping and photo upload interface in using Ajax. Now it's much easier to locate
and upload photos.

We explain it in Panoramio's blog

Hope you like it,


4/6/06 22:31  

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