Friday, October 07, 2005

Messis Summa

Messis SummaI was 'gifted' a few packs of MS cigarettes a few days ago and having now smoked them I think a review is in order. MS is a BAT product manufactured and marketed by the Italian subsidiary, a quick search on Google only brought up two results both in Chinese.
In the smoke box, the inner layer aluminum foil and the attachment outward appearance is extremely consistent, completely was not the before appearance. Moreover, the English America tobacco Italy company states, and came using the overseas tobacco from Veneto, Umbria and Campania (Bai Lei Yan, spice and the flue-cured tobacco packing material) the tobacco mix quality already enhances. Moreover, the English America tobacco Italy company also emphasizes must fully use its Italian status superiority, on the other hand English America tobacco must consider is leaf tobacco question. Up to now, 欧盟 already cancelled the tobacco subsidy, all leaf tobacco were going to export beyond the border.
This I think you will agree isn't all that helpful. I visited the BAT website and apart from the fact that the website had a link in the main navigation entitled 'litigation', which leads to a whole microsite, there wasn't really any other interesting information and I was unable to find out any more about the product.

The cigarettes themselves were very similar to Marlboro Reds, but a little less harsh. Apart from that they were unremarkable, I must say however that the packaging is quite distinctive and drew a lot of attention from people on busy train platforms.


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