Thursday, September 29, 2005


I've got a pseudonym doppleganger.

I found out today that someone else was using my pseudonym, I was astonished that someone else would have though of the same one; anyway I went to check out their blog and luckily they are no longer blogging.

After much fun for almost a year and a half, I am calling it quits on the blogging scene. I just don't have the time or ability to continue right now, but maybe sometime in the future I'll be back.
I'm hoping that they don't start blogging again as it would be just too weird. It is bizarre enough that they pretty much stopped at around the same time I started!

It's a strange and infinately convoluted world we live in.


Blogger L said...

I, too, am not the only blogging "Rockmother". So know how you feel. Slightly nervous when I checked the other rockmother out... But seems vaguely OK.

I, however, have very good reason for my pseudonym: I am a geologist (rare) and a mother (not rare). Nothing to do with music - or being hip in any way.

30/9/05 10:12  
Blogger Jon said...

Cheers Rockmother,

It is a little bizarre the first time it happens. Now that its happened once I'm sure that I'll probably find someone else with the same tag in the near future. It is just a bit dissapointing if you spend time trying to be original and unique and then find out that someone else has had the same idea.

Thanks for commenting and come back soon. I am hoping to add a photo gallery at some point, and other nice things. I've been scanning some photos for the past week (feels like a lifetime) and when I get an opportunity to I'll create the gallery. It will probably take a few weeks to get it all sorted.

30/9/05 12:38  
Blogger L said...

Do like the photos! Good luck with the scanning (I note your previous post on your experience with this particular form of digital torture). We have a scanner as well as countless other stuff that could be called "digital". I do like messing about with these toys, although they can send one slightly mad at times.

Have you noticed that - in today's world - everything is either "digital" or "organic", with the assumption that either term also means "good"?

So fed up have I become over recent months with all these toys, that I took up drawing and sketching (no lessons, just self-taught) and it is so refreshing just to be reduced to paper, something to make marks on the paper, and one's own brain.

However, I scan my drawings! It's interesting to record them at different stages of completion. So there's no escape, really...

Look forward to your photo gallery!

30/9/05 13:51  
Blogger Jon said...

Yeah scanning is mostly torture, and I've given up resisting the pull of digital, mostly because of the convenience. When I can afford a decent digital SLR I'll be jumping on the digital bandwagon.

I do like to 'look' of film though, I like grain, although many people don't. So for the foreseeable future I will rely on the sadism of other people who are kind enough to lend me thier scanners.

I think 'drawing and sketching' are cool, but I never had any talent in these areas. I know quite a few people who like to sketch and am quite amazed at what can be done relatively quickly.

30/9/05 14:42  

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