Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seaside Photos


Blogger Sam said...

Oh gosh, what was that last thing?

24/6/09 20:02  
Blogger Jon said...

That is a good question! So good in fact that I thought of it myself :)

I asked a marine biologist friend of mine and he said I'd have to take a photo of the head from the side to give him any chance to identify it.

So this one will have to remain unidentified. The next time I come across something similar I'll (unleash my inner CSI and) take a number of photos, from a lot of different angles, which should help in the identification process.

25/6/09 10:00  
Blogger Sam said...

I thought it might be a dead swan or something, but why would that be on a beach? Maybe you've discovered a new species of something and we'll never know...

27/6/09 20:12  
Anonymous jama. said...

I never realized G had so many shells!!
That first photo should be sold for a wall art print!!

Your eye for detail is good
Lovely work keep it up!!

1/7/09 22:07  

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