Monday, January 12, 2009


Baz Luhrmann - people often say you either like his work or you don't. I seem to fall between those two camps. Strictly Ballroom wasn't for me, I thought that Romeo + Juliet was brilliant, Moulin Rouge! sort of grew on me, and now Australia.

Plot: 12/20
Acting: 17/20
Production: 18/20
Entertainment: 31/40
Total: 78/100
Let's start by saying that there are no twists in the plot, you can guess what is going to happen in most instances without much difficulty whatsoever. Strangely this doesn't seem to matter.

The cinematography and soundtrack work very well to provide a suitably backdrop to what was a relatively bland story. The acting was also mostly quite good with notable performances by Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Bryan Brown, et. al., but what makes this film better than it would otherwise seem is the Luhrmann effect. You don't quite get the full Luhrmann [maybe 80% Luhrmann] but it is enough to lift the film out of the ordinary into the worthwhile.

Altogether I thought it was worth forking out to see it in the cinema and that it was a bit better than I expected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this film enormously.
I liked the Actors and their roles were absorbing.
The storyline from quiet and serene to explosively cruel all fitted well within the story and the end was tearfull, happy tears.

I had no idea what I was going to see but was really happy I saw it.

24/1/09 22:06  
Blogger Marion said...

Oh who cares about the plot... Hugh Jackman took his shirt off ! Result ! ;-)

20/2/09 18:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it was a good bargin.
Good plot,
Great bod.
Good enough for me!!

1/3/09 02:51  

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