Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On Saturday I went to Twickenham Stadium to see R.E.M. and the two supporting acts gUiLLeMoTS & EDITORS. It was a surprisingly nice sunny day for a change and so we went early so as to see the supporting acts.

gUiLLeMoTS got things started and they were good, but not quite my kind of music. I could appreciate the talent, but didn't feel the vibe.

EDITORS was more to my liking. They could do with improving their stagecraft a bit; particularly interacting with the crowd. As it was they just banged the songs out one after another, almost oblivious to the fact that anyone was there, until the very end of their set.

They may have just banged them out one after the other, but what songs! The sound was well suited to a large venue and sounded good from the very first track.

Okay, (I know now that) some of the subtler aspects of the guitars was lost, but I liked them so much that I bought some overpriced merchandise (a tee-shirt), and have subsequently got both of their albums which I have listed to a few times now.

My favourite tracks of theirs at the moment are "Bones", "The Racing Rats" & "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors". You can hear some of their songs on their YuckSpace page.

The headline act was of course R.E.M. and to be honest I'm not really sure what to say about the performance.

The music was for the most part performed very well and I enjoyed the performance as a whole , but, there's always a but, I didn't know any of the first three songs of the performance that they started with and the sound hadn't been sorted out yet, so, they just sounded like noise really. If the concert had ended after the third song I'd have said that they were rubbish.

Luckily it didn't and by the time they had arrive at the fourth song ("What's The Frequency Kenneth") things started improving and the atmosphere completely changed. From that point onwards it was a great performance, full of energy.

Michael Stipe is a great front man and he really does work hard, interacting with the crowd, telling stories, plugging Obama and ripping into the Bush administration. The seriously jerky dancing is very entertaining.

In short it was a very good way to spend a pleasant (if rare these days) summer evening.

R.E.M.'s Set List (if you are interested)
01. Living Well Is The Best Revenge
02. These Days
03. The Wake-up Bomb
04. What's The Frequency Kenneth
05. Drive
06. Man Sized Wreath
07. Disturbance At The Heron House
08. Ignoreland
09. Walk Unafraid
10. Hollow Man
11. Fall On Me
12. Electrolite
13. The Great Beyond
14. I'm Gonna DJ
15. Exhuming McCarthy
16. The One I Love
17. I've Been High
18. Let Me In
19. Horse To Water
20. Bad Day
21. Orange Crush
22. Imitation of life
23. Supernatural Superserious (Encore)
24. Losing My Religion
25. Perfect Circle
26. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
27. Man On The Moon


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