Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arsenal 3 - Sevilla 0

Went to see Arsenal trounce Sevilla tonight. It has been my first visit to the Emirates this season and I was very happy to be back. The atmosphere was a little sedate but stadium is a great sporting arena and I love being there.

Arsenal played with flair and style and whilst where a bit lucky with the first goal, thoroughly deserved to win. My only real concern was the large number of lazy incomplete passes which broke up the Arsenal attack in many promising positions.

I was also slightly concerned that none of the Arsenal players were willing to run directly at goal and had flashbacks of last season when they would try to string together 20 passes in front of goal before someone would try to shoot! Luckily last night they only tried to string together 8 passes before someone would shoot.

Sevilla were a bit unlucky not to score at least once especially as Arsenal was decidedly bad at defending low crosses into the box, where a Sevilla toe would have been enough to score. That said Senderos and Toure played very well in the centre of the Arsenal defense and that bodes well for some future clean sheets.

All together a very enjoyable evening.

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