Sunday, September 30, 2007


Despite a brace of good actors and some convincing acting this movie is let down by its very predicatable plot. Where the screenplay required plot twists the best that Daniel Pyne and Glenn Gers could deliver were kinks.
Plot: 13/20
Acting: 17/20
Production: 16/20
Entertainment: 20/40
Total: 66/100

The cinematography and soundtrack work very well to provide a suitably dark backdrop to this film noir-esque movie but Anthony Hopkins draws to heavily from his role as Hannibal Lector in the Silence of the Lambs giving you a very real sense of deja vu all the way through.


Monday, September 24, 2007

SLR Lens Repair

I came across this very useful article on how to repair aged lenses where the glass has turned yellowish in colour after a few decades. You can find the article at Brian Ayling's photographic repair tips.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arsenal 3 - Sevilla 0

Went to see Arsenal trounce Sevilla tonight. It has been my first visit to the Emirates this season and I was very happy to be back. The atmosphere was a little sedate but stadium is a great sporting arena and I love being there.

Arsenal played with flair and style and whilst where a bit lucky with the first goal, thoroughly deserved to win. My only real concern was the large number of lazy incomplete passes which broke up the Arsenal attack in many promising positions.

I was also slightly concerned that none of the Arsenal players were willing to run directly at goal and had flashbacks of last season when they would try to string together 20 passes in front of goal before someone would try to shoot! Luckily last night they only tried to string together 8 passes before someone would shoot.

Sevilla were a bit unlucky not to score at least once especially as Arsenal was decidedly bad at defending low crosses into the box, where a Sevilla toe would have been enough to score. That said Senderos and Toure played very well in the centre of the Arsenal defense and that bodes well for some future clean sheets.

All together a very enjoyable evening.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nice = Nice

I have recently spent a week in Nice [Southern France] and though I'd share my top tips for nice.

  • Use the public transport system.
    The public transport in and around nice is clean, punctual & cheap. It also has the added benefit of covering the area really well so it is easy to get to anywhere from just about anywhere else.

    I found that the busses offered excellent value with a 7 day Ligne d'Azur pass costing just €15.00. TAM busses for longer journeys cost €1.20 per trip.

  • Avoid using Taxis
    Taxi's in Nice have to be the most expensive I have ever used, more expensive than London black cabs or Parisian Taxis by some margin.

  • Try self catering accomodation
    If you are staying for a week or more renting an apartment can be cheaper than staying in a hotel and can be more comfortable. The only disadvantage is that you will probably be a 15 to 30 minute bus journey from the centre of Town

  • Visit the museums
    The Cimiez Museum of Archeology was interesting, the Cimiez Monastery and Franciscan Museum was interesting but the gardens were loely and peaceful, Matisse Museum was okay, [all three are right next to each other so it is easy to make an afternoon of it] was nice, Musée Chagall blew my mind for an hour and a half.

  • Visit the Vieille Ville
    Spend some time wandering through the streets of the old town. If you visit the market in the early morning then you can wonder through the streets narrow streets shaded by the tall building in relative cool and comfort, there are many, many little shops and curiosities to see.

  • Don't drink the water
    Wine is ridiculously cheap in Nice, cheaper than water when eating out in some instances. The price of beer will put a major dent in your wallet.

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