Thursday, July 12, 2007

Honda Small Hybrid Sports Car

Honda Small Hybrid Sports Car

I saw this car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this year and have to say that it is a stunner.

Forget waiting for the hybrid, Honda should just stick the engine from the Civic or Civic Type R in there and ditch that CV gearbox for a traditional stick shift and they'd sell bucketloads.

They can always release a Hybrid version later.


Blogger Sam said...

It looks like the dynamic sort of shape the current Civic should have been - maybe they should produce a Civic hybrid coupe, or something. I think their efforts to be sporty are being muted somewhat by their F1 team at the moment - Toyota have called off the NSX and Celica replacements until they do better.

Is Goodwood worth going to? There's always nice stuff there.

17/7/07 13:34  
Blogger Jon said...

It is a great day out if you like motorsport, motorcars or both.

I usually try to get there for the opening of the gates on the day that I go and am usually one of the last people to leave.

Even so there is an awful lot that I don't have time to see.

It is open for three days and many people camp nearby and go to all three days which would probably be the only way to take absolutely everything in.

The Sunday Times sometimes offers free tickets for the Friday in the Motoring supplement a few weeks before the event so it is worth looking in there and applying if the same offer is made next year.

9/8/07 09:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the Tesla Roadster?

23/8/07 06:22  

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