Friday, June 08, 2007

The Quest for a Cheap, Compact, Silent Network File Server for Home - Solved

I managed to get my Compaq Evo D510 USDT all set up a few weeks ago. I popped a whopping big hard disk into it and gave it a RAM upgrade. I successfully installed a copy of Windows XP (licenced) that I have from a now long dead PC and installed all of the updates etc.

I have set up a small home network which seems to be pretty reliable and the everything is neatly tidied away behind the vanity panel of my desk out of sight. Not quite out of hearing range though, as although it is quiet, the new file server isn't quite silent and there seems to be some sort of resonance going on in the little gap between the vanity panel and the wall, which I will need to address at some point., but for now I am happy with the way everything is set up.

The Epson printer even fired up without any issues and although I'm out of colour ink (or it has dried to a powder) I can print, albeit noisily in black which will do for now.

I have been carefully copying files off of my PC to the file server, nothing important at the moment just junk that I can't quite reconcile myself to permanently deleting. Soon I will start moving important stuff to help reduce the usage on my PC so that I can get to the business of scanning. I have a ridiculously large collection of negatives that need scanning and the scans consume a lot of space a 24bit scan saved as a compressed TIFF file uses about 35Mb and a 48bit scan uses about 120MB of disk space.

The only problem with little server is that I bought a USB Bluetooth adaptor for it so that I can sync my phone with it, but every time I reboot the machine it 'forgets' that it is connected and the only way to 'remind' it is to unplug and reconnect the USB adaptor, which I cannot reach because it is tucked away behind the desk. I'll need to find a solution to this as it takes 15 minutes to disassemble the desk, fix the USB key and reassemble the desk, not the end of the world but at the rate Microsoft keep releasing critical security updates it is going to be a real pain.



Anonymous anikas said...

Do you have any problem after upgrade your Compaq Evo D510 USDT ? After add new HDD and RAM module and start machine bios prompt me to enter password. You may anything help with this?

17/2/10 07:26  
Blogger Jon said...

No I didn't have any issues, you might wish to reset you bios and then reconfigure it.

HP has info available at that might prove to be useful.

You'll find the drivers linked to form there as well as the manuals.

17/2/10 11:45  
Anonymous anikas said...

Thanx! I was too confused at this screen, but now it works after CMOS passord clean. I was sure that the problem is deeper...

17/2/10 12:17  

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