Friday, June 08, 2007

George Jr.

I've got a chili pepper plant at the office which last year produced one small but very hot chili pepper, which was given the name of George, before we ate it/him.

This year there is a much bigger chili pepper growing which has imaginatively been named, George Junior.

George Junior

Unfortunately the chili pepper plant has contracted an infestation of aphids. The first sign of aphids was on Monday and there are now thousands of them, and they are mutliplying at a stupendous rate. Anyone know what to use to kill aphids? The plant is in an office so there aren't any natural predators.



Blogger MJ said...

George Jr! He's looking fantastic and is sure to be another spicy little beast ;) Looks like a Habanero Chili?

When I had similar problems with our indoor mint plants I bought a product called 'House and Garden Insect Spray' made by Schultz. It's water based and made with a botanical insectiside from the Chrysanthemum flower. It was one of the only ones I could find that suggested the ability to kill various bugs (including Aphids) without being dangerous or harmful to humans. A few sprays of that and my whiteflies were gone (although I still made sure to wash my mint leaves thouroughly first before using them).

Go have a look in your local garden centre and see what they've got...

Good luck with Gearge Jr :)

8/6/07 21:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aphids HATE dishwashing liquid so I just make up a strong batch with heaps of BUBBLES and wash down the plant, certainly the leaves and stem, in it.
I use a sponge to hold the stuff and squeeze it under the leaves as this is where those pesty things love to live.
Might be too late for George Jr. but if he has been devoured, by insects or humans, you might try it next time with George 111.

26/6/07 02:31  

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