Monday, May 07, 2007

Spider Man 3

I was a bit wary or this movie before I even got to the cinema. I'd seen the reviews and knew that it wasn't going to be a classic, but having seen the previous two installments I couldn't really not go and see this, final installment.

The credits at the beginning were pretty rubbish, and this worried me for the first few minutes of the movie, my previously comfortable seat all of a sudden felt a little less so. Without giving to much away, the movie begins with Peter pretty much on top of the world, everyone loves Spider Man and he's basking in the reflected glory, and being generally rather soporific.
Spider Man 3
Plot: 12/20
Acting: 17/20
Production: 16/20
Entertainment: 20/40
Total: 65/100

Rather predictably things rapidly begin to deteriorate and old and new 'bad guys' start to appear with the inevitable consequences following. A twist or two here might have helped to keep my interest at this point but Sam & Ivan Raimi's screenplay was a shining beacon of straightness that should stand as an example to apriring builders and road engineers everywhere.

Any guesses as to how the story ends? If you were to say Spider man defeats his enemies and gets the girl, you wouldn't be far off and that's the problem, the entire movie is entirely predictable.

I'd like to say that the acting and special effects detract from the deficiencies of the plot, but they don't. The performances by the actors is commendable and I'm sure that they followed the direction of Sam Raimi precisely, but the unfortunate consequence of this is that they just emphasise the poor quality of the plot.

There were times when the performances and plot worked together to bring smiles, laughs and general hilarity to the entire audience at the cinema but there were not enough of these moments to offset the bland bits in between.

Save your money! The inevitable marketing push means that someone will give you or someone you know, a copy of the DVD this Christmas, and you might as well watch it then and use the money to go and see something better in the cinema.



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