Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally got my domain renewed, it took much longer than I expected and was a lot more effort than was strictly speaking neccessary.

The company I'd registered my domain through, Fast 24 Ltd. went bust and they had used another company to register the domain anyway, Bulk Register. Bulk Register was bought buy a company called eNom about a year ago and they are based in the USA on the Pacific coast, which meant a lot of long distance late night phone calls.

Once I'd proved that I was the owner of the domain it should have been attached to my newly created eNom account on the same day but the contact at eNom, Elida, kept failing to add the domain to the eNom accuont. After three days of pestering her daily I finally managed to get her to do it, so that I could renew the domain.

Well it is all sorted now but I really, really don't want to be doing that again any time soon. Once I transfer my domain to a better registrar I think that I'm going to take out a 10 year renewal and then I'll be okay, at least until 2017.


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