Sunday, April 08, 2007


A meta movie! 300 is based upon a graphic novel by Frank Miller whose graphic novels have been quite popular with Hollywood recently with his graphic novels of Daredevil, Batman Returns, Elektra, Sin City all been turned into films. The graphic novel itself was based on the 1962 film "The 300 Spartans".

Plot: 12/20
Acting: 15/20
Production: 16/20
Entertainment: 34/40
Total: 77/100
The Frank Miller version is not intended to be historically accurate, and the remake isn't nearly as detailed as the original movie, but all the same if you take it for what it is, an entertaining story in a historical setting then it is ... entertaining.

Yes there were a few bugbears but it you are going to suspend belief enough to enjoy the film then you'll let them slide, on the whole I thought that it was worth watching.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish I could have seen the movie as I am really really fed up of t.v. adds breaking up a movie and making a 1 1/2 feature into a 3 hour marathom. In jamaica however the cinema's show times are very limited and so I have not been to se a Film (as it was called here wayback when )in a long time.
So enjoy.

14/4/07 04:55  

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