Monday, January 15, 2007

Wharfedale DVD3210DVX DVD Player

I recently bought a Wharfedale DVD3210DVX DVD Player to replace an ageing Crystal DVX2005 DVD player, which whilst being a perfectly capable DVD player was a bit fiddly to use due to its very sensitive and minuscule remote and it didn't handle DivX files very well.

I saw the Wharfedale DVD3210DVX advertised quite cheaply on a PC components website where I was buying a few item as Christmas presents and after a few minutes of reading the reviews of the player happily added it to my shopping basket.

As luck would have it my ageing player decided to expire just after Christmas (the DVD player expiring wasn't the luck - it was the having purchased another DVD player) which gave me a perfect excuse to rearrange all of the devices under the telly and give the new one a spin.

To my surprise and disappointment the Wharfedale is a few inches wider than any of my other AV components under the telly which means that it has to go to the bottom of the pile, not a huge problem, but annoying none the less. Apart from that it looks fab with its glossy black finish and blue lights.

Once I had connected everything came the real test I popped a CD with an .avi file and was pleasantly surprised by how great the remote and menu system is. Each file has a preview in a small window which starts playing the files on the CD and the system is very responsive.

On playing the files I immediately noticed a huge improvement in the playback of complex scenes. Scenes with rain, snow, or rippling water brought the Crystal DVX2005 to a fitful stall, but the Wharfedale DVD3210DVX plays through them with just a hint of being a bit slower.

DVD playback is as one would expect on any modern DVD player - excellent.

There is only one major fault with the Wharfedale, and it really isn't a fault per se, the remote triggers my Fusion FVRT100 PVR to start recording, switch off, and do all sorts of things that I don't want it to be doing. The two devices must use the same codes, but funnily enough the Fusion remote doesn't affect the Wharfedale.

I haven't as yet found a way to stop this from happening short of placing something in front of the PVR receiver, which is a right pain.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you had any problems with, sound on dual layer discs.

13/2/07 16:20  
Blogger Jon said...

I haven't noticed any problem with the sound. However when I'm watching DVDs I use the optical out to feed in to my AV amp so I don't know about the other audio outputs.

I have watched a few DVDs where the sound was fed through the SCART lead, but I can't say if those discs where dual layer.

15/2/07 10:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've got a wharfedale dvd3210dvx which was given to me for charity purposes by all people BT, but its useless - most commercial dvds don't load. there seems to be a menu system but its always blank... am I being a numpty or is it just faulty ?

23/12/09 09:40  

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