Friday, January 05, 2007

Belgian Blondes in Dutch Drinking Establishments

I visited the Lowlander Beer Café on Drury Lane near Covent Garden last night for a quick drink after work and had a pretty awful experience with a blonde.

The blonde in question was a La Trappe Blonde brewed by De Koningshoeven which tasted pretty awful. Martin described it best when he said that 'it tastes like bad champange', and it really did taste like a bad fizzy wine with added sugar and a dubiously light frothy head.

So why when given the choice of about a hundred ales and lagers to choose from did I select this travesty of Trappist Ales? For starters it had the relatively low ABV of 6.5%, which considering that there was a beer on the menu with an ABV of 12% was quite moderate. Secondly I have tried the dark version of this ale, La Trappe Dubbel before and it is lovely.

Martin by the way sensibly selected a Maredsous with a lovely flavour. But it was Vasa that scored, with a fabulous double fermented, beer, the name of which escapes me now, 24 hours later.

Fear change I say, it often brings dissapointment, and always avoid Belgian blonds in Dutch drinking establishments! Andy & Taz you've been warned!



Blogger osbert said...

I drank a strange cider here last night called "Ramseier".

To be honest, I was expecting much... either scrumpy jack nastyness or whitelightning paintstripperness, but it was like magnerish sweetchemicalgoodness without a lot of bubbles... very unsettling.

Maybe ill do like the strongb0h and bung a slice of lemon in there and see if that spruces it up to be the perfect cider!

My sister later informed me that pretty much only the alcoholic tramps drink cider in Switzerland...

Somethings are universal.

9/1/07 15:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely the idea is to get steadily drunk? Hence weak lager - it allows you to delay the stupor much longer than if you were drinking some kind of trappist monk brew ;-P

5/2/07 11:37  

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