Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone
Its Here. The worst kept secret in the history of badly kept secrets has arrived and I have to say I think its fantastic.

I haven't seen one in real life, but it looks like the most fantastic phone in the history of telephony.

I know that it has its faults, it is a little too big, there is no 3G, it has a puny 2MPix camera, it runs Mac OS X & Safari web browser, there is a relatively low res screen, etc., but still the Apple iPhone is the most functional beauty of a phone I've ever laid eyes on.

Now if only there was someone out there who could build something similar that ran Windows, had 3G and used one of Hitachi’s 800 x 480 miniature LCD panels. Then we'd be talking.



Blogger Sam said...

I like my phone, but then the size isn't for everyone. If it had a touchscreen it'd be marvellous.

18/1/07 11:35  

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