Sunday, December 24, 2006


XFM LONDON (104.9FM) Rocks.
Let me say that again... XFM LONDON: Rocks!

I've done a lot of driving today and the only thing that kept me awake at the wheel was the absolute stunning selection of tracks that kept pouring out of XFM.

I only found the station by accident, the continuous drone of Christmas music on the other preset stations forced me to scan the frequencies to avoid lapsing into a catatonic state, and I luckily landed on XFM. Every track was a downright inspired selection and every track seemed better than the last.

It is now a preset in the car for my future aural enjoyment.

Thank you XFM and in particular Iain Baker you have got me safely through the day (and kept me alert enought to survive the ignorant, blind and downright rude drivers I've had the bad fortune to come across today), and now I'll be able to enjoy Christmas tomorrow.

Now I can get on with the business of getting rip roaring drunk in the comfort of my own home with a few dozen friends and family.

Cheers & Merry Christams to everyone.

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