Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Its the End of the World as I know it.

This morning as usual I popped into the back garden at sunrise to smoke a cigarette and watch the birds wake up. Every morning it is the same routine, the gulls wake up and head off, followed shortly thereafter by the magpies and blackbirds, then the parakeets and finally the pigeons. Occasionally there is a hawk about, or a tardy owl making its way home.

The routine was broken this morning by the pigeons who decided to wake up and fly away before the parakeets. What happened? Was the world as I knew it about to end? Luckily the pigeons realised their mistake and returned to their nests a few minutes later. The parakeets duly woke up and went off to do whatever parakeets do, and about ten minutes later the pigeons were on their way.

That's what I call a near miss.

Time to start getting ready to go to work now.


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