Monday, December 11, 2006

Fujifilm Klasse W

© Someone ElseI've just come across the Fuji Klasse W camera.

It is a compact film camera from Fujifilm with really nice retro styling and reputedly a fantastic 28mm f/2.8 lens. Why is it that Fujifilm are the only company that seems to be still interested in making high quality compact film cameras? More importantly why do they only market them in Japan?

There used to be so many high quality film compacts, Nikon made the 35Ti & 28Ti, Contax the T2, Yashica the T4 & T5, Konica the Hexar AF, Ricoh the excellent GR1 & GR1v.

I guess Leica still makes the CM and Olympus the µII. But who can afford the Leica? And the Olympus whilst reasonably priced and very capable has a 35mm lens which isn't really wide enough. Also the µII looks nowhere near as good as the Fuji Klasse W.

That said I may still pick up a µII if I see one at bargain prices as it is so easily pocketable and robust.

Meanwhile Fujifilm have been busy producing quality little compacts. I've hankered after a Fujifilm Natura Classica for ages and am quite interested in the black Fujifilm Natura S with its fantastic 24mm f/1.9 lens for a while now.

<< Sigh >>

If only they were cheaper and available in the UK. Oh well, there's always eBay!

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Blogger Jon said...

I went to eBay to see what kind of prices these cameras were going for and just missed a brand spanking new Fujifilm Natura Classica which went for £90.00.

I always miss the bargains!

I guess that if I had placed a bid the price would have been higher and I probably would have been outbid, but hey, if I had spotted it earlier maybe it would have been mine for £90.00 :(

11/12/06 23:08  

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