Monday, December 25, 2006


I went to see Frost/Nixon at the Gielgud Theatre a few nights ago and have to say that it was bloody fantastic. From the opening line to the last scene it was excellent.

The plot revolves around David Frost's interviews with Richard Nixon after he resigned as president of the USA and the events that led to the eventual filming of what would then become the news interview that drew largest audience ever in the history of television.
Plot: 19/20
Acting: 19/20
Production: 19/20
Entertainment: 38/40
Total: 95/100

Michael Sheen was truly terrific as David Frost & Frank Langella despite looking nothing like the ex-president was a very credible Richard Nixon, and captured the character perfectly. The main honour however has to go to Peter Morgan for his excellent script.

I'd recommend that you go to see it but is is finishing its run at the Gielgud soon and then will be on stage on Broadway, so unless you are going to be in New York you are unlikely to get tickets.

As a side note I'd like to say that during the interview scenes that there was a very nice little G-Plan side table next to Nixon's chair that I wouldn't mind owning.



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