Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

New Horizons Launches to Pluto

I found these photos on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website. It is a cool site worth visiting. Not all of the photos are of this quality but there are many nice photos on the site showing space and man's exploration of space to date.

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Blogger Sam said...

They're pretty impressive pictures.

I wonder how you hold a camera in a space suit, those gloves are quite bulky...

30/12/06 09:50  
Blogger Jon said...

I may be wrong but think that the camera is on an articulated arm that is controlled by someone inside the spacecraft or station.

3/1/07 22:51  
Blogger Sam said...

Oh, that's quite boring - like something off the Crystal Maze.

Still, saves them losing all those digital compacts when they fumble them into the ether.

5/1/07 00:17  

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