Saturday, December 16, 2006

Digital Photo Frames

I've been looking into digital photo frames recently as I thought that one might make a good Christmas present for someone.

Digital Photo FrameI went to John Lewis so that I could get my mits on the new Philips Digital PhotoFrameâ„¢.

Whilst they were quite interesting they did look a little cheap and plasticky, and were fiddly to use. More annoyingly (at least for me) they has a nonstandard aspect ratio of 3.3333:2 which is really bizarre. The resolution was quite good though at 800x480 pixels, available in two sizes 7" and 9". I preferred the 7" frame.

There was also a BT 9FFCW0 LCD Digital Photo Frame, which whilst being quite small at 5.6" at least had the virtue of having a 3:2 aspect ratio display. Unfortunately the resolution was very low at 320x240 pixels.

Dissapointed in the selection I had a look online where I found a number of frames of varying sizes from 5.6" to 10", unfortunately they all had relatively low resolutions and were for the most part 4:3 ratio screens. There was a 15" frame with a 1024x768 pixels screen, but again that is a 4:3 ratio.

Finally I decided to take a look on Amazon which has a surprisingly large selection of digital photo frames and I stumbled across the Linx 8" High Resolution Digital Photo Frame which has a 3:2 aspect ratio and a reasonable resolution of 720x480 pixels. It even has a remote control! Wicked the perfect gift.

Well it would have been if I had any money left! Christmas shopping, it is always a nightmare.

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Blogger MJ said...

Funny you should be looking at these too - I just picked one of these up for my parents for Christmas :-) I opted for the 7" Philps one in the end (for some reason the resolution on the 9" one is lower whilst the price considerably higher!) and have to say I am very impressed with both the picture and build quality. I suspect that fingerprints all over the frame will be a problem, however this is likely to affect most of the frames on the market and with any luck people can be trained to 'look but not touch' :)

19/12/06 00:35  

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