Thursday, September 14, 2006


Last night it rained. Most people would have missed it because most of the rain arrived during the night at an hour when most respectable adults have long since drifted off into the land of nod.

I was awake and was enthralled by the sheer volume of water that crashed into the earth from high up in the heavens above. There was also for nearly an hour a continuous pulsating stobe of light from the lightening that lit everything up as brightly as daylight would for a second at a time.

The rain came streaming off the roofs of my neighbours houses at such great a velocity that it simply missed the gutters and fell off the roofs in sheets like waterfalls. The water on the ground became at first rivulets then something more as it streamed down the gradient of my road, all the time reflecting the pulses of light bursting from the sky.

But the best bit was the sound of all the laden raindrops crashing into the different surfaces; slate roof tiles, brick pathways, concrete pavements, asphalt roads, metal cars and glass windows. Each with its own unique sound and together contributing to the melee.

It was great. Like the 5th November fireworks at a water park. Shame it isn't raining again tonight.


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