Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Bad Plus

I have to thank Mark for introducing me to The Bad Plus in a roundabout kind of way. He was playing 'Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads', which is a good album, when one of the songs really caught my attention.

The song in question was a rendition of 'Karma Police' by The Bad Plus. It blew my mind and in the past few days I have been listening to more of their stuff wherever I can find it.

Thb Bad Plus website led me to their MySpace page where I listed to what was there.

I am particularly fond of "And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation", which has 'Rush' overtones and 'Crowded House' undertones. I would suggest this a starting point for a foray into the music of the Bad Plus. To follow it I'd suggest grabbing their rendition of 'Karma Police' by both ears as firmly as you can, hanging on to the bassline and trying not to fall off.

If you don't like those two tracks listen again! Your barbarian ears are probably clogged with the detritus of modern pop music and simply need a good clean. To that end I'd recommend a good dose of 'Songs for the Deaf' at max volume, ears suitably cleaned you can then return to the Bad Plus.

And for a finale to the foray, 'Anthem for the Earnest' to return you to what passes for normality.

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