Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

Well Italy won, on penalties, as I sure you are aware.

A few observations:

  1. France were the more attacking team and I would have preferred if they had won.

  2. Zizou will be kicking himself for years. So much for his footballing legacy. He can also forget about all of those lucrative TV Football pundit contracts he was picking between.

  3. Both France and Italy were quite good at the penalties. Considering that Italy have had just as many bad experiences with penalties as England have had over the years, and the fact that it was 'The Final', it does hilight how crap England are at that stage of a match. They just don't have any bottle.

  4. Germany Staged a fantastic World Cup, good on them.

  5. Roll on Euro 2008


Blogger Scholiast said...

Surely, by 2008 football must be "coming home" as my kids still sing around the house... (Yes, we're all England supporters, Norway not being a lot to cheer for, and English teams being at least as hyped up as Norwegian around here..)

14/7/06 00:11  
Blogger Jon said...

If by "coming home" you mean resting peacefully in Germany or Italy, then you are right! If you mean that England are going to win it, then I honestly think the Swiss have about the same chance of winning it.

14/7/06 12:58  

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