Sunday, July 09, 2006


I went to Oxford today to see Tugba, a friend I met in Turkey. It was a lot of fun, Oxford is really photogenic and there are so many subjects to choose from that sometimes it is difficult to decide what to shoot. I must say that it would have been a lot easier without so many tourists milling about, there were thousands of them everywhere (including me).

The Radcliffe Camera was closed, which was a real shame because I was looking forward to seeing the inside of it. The market was also closed, which is a real shame. I've been there before and it really is worth a visit.

Most of the college quadrants were off limits to members of the public, but you could see a tiny bit of what you were missing through the entrances. The architecture on the inside is in many respects more interesting and intricate than the architecture facing the roads. We did get to go into Hertford College, which has the most fantastic spiral-esque staircase. It is truly unique.

On a plus note, I did rent a little rowing boat for an hour, which was nice. I can also recommend George & Davis Ice Cream as a definate 'must try', they do some original combinations.

We had a lte lunch at a gastro pub called the Trout Inn. The food was quite good and the setting was fantastic. It is situated just outside of Oxford city centre on the Thames near a weir and a lock. You can sit eating your meal with a view of the Thames whilst the ducks and the peacocks pester you for scraps. Very entertaining. I can definately recommend it as a nice place for a meal.

We had a lovely walk along the Thames after lunch. Taking photos and enjoying the scenery. All in all a good day out.


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