Monday, July 10, 2006

More Goodwood Festival of Speed 2006 Photos

Below are a few more photos of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. These were taken by my father on a borrowed Nikon D50. I have to say that it is quite a nice little DSLR, but I'd still prefer a EOS 30D.

If you are wondering why some of the photos are in a strange panoramic format, it is because there were bales of hay in between the cars and the spectators which were perfectly positioned to be in every shot. I've cropped the bottom of the photos to remove the surpuflous hay.

Maranello Magic © Dad

Absolute Stunner © Dad

American Muscle © Dad

Still running after all these years © Dad

All of the photos above were taken using a technique called panning. It is really simple to do, but takes a lot of skill to master. You set the camera to shutter priority or manual mode and select a suitable slow shutter speed, say between 1/60th of a second and 1/125th of a second. Let the camera select a suitable aperture or set one yourself if in manual mode. Then, here comes the tricky bit, you pan the camera following the motion of the subject at the same angular velocity as the subject. This keeps the subject sharply in focus, but the slow shuter speed, allows the movement to be captured as well. Try it yourself!

Still running after all these years © Dad

Not having a DSLR of my own I'll have to wait for my film to be processed before I can upload any of my own photos of the cars on the track. I do hope I managed to get a few good shots. I'll post some more photos of Goodwood then as well.

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Blogger Jon said...

Received my photos - most were okay, but not quite as sharp as I hoped. A few are okay but I haven't scanned them as yet.

I'll get around to it later.

3/8/06 18:20  

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