Monday, February 20, 2006

Lord of War

My first impression was Nicholas Cage playing the same old Nicolas Cage role, slightly depressed, slightly cheecky, naer-do-well. But on reflection this really is an understated, honest exploration into the character of a gun runner.

There were a number of aspects of the movie that felt very familiar and this wass probably down to the fact that the script was written by Andrew Niccol who also penned The Truman Show and Gattaca, and in many ways 'Lord of War' is very similar in mood to Gattaca, to the extent of sharing some of the same actors.
Lord of War
Plot: 14/20
Acting: 15/20
Production: 16/20
Entertainment: 28/40
Total: 73/100

What is quite different from some of the other films both Cage & Niccol have made is that it is almost impossible to connect with the central character. Most of the other characters are easy to relate to and make some kind of connection to, but Cage's character Yuri, is deliberately difficult to empathise with. It is an interesting and effective plot device which I thought made the film interesting and edgy. The mood altering soundtrack is also very effective, subtly lifting and lowering the viewers mood throughout the movie. It adds another dimension to the experience and is a distinctly good piece of work in its own right.

Whilst it is not the best movie I have ever spent two hours watching I would definately recommend viewing it if you come across it as it is worth a view.



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