Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jetski Lessons

Followed the link to the clip of Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Andy's blog.

Have to admit it is very funny, and as one good deed deserves another I too have to share.


Blogger Sam said...

That was great!

23/2/06 14:36  
Blogger Jon said...

It is funny in a very politically incorrect kind of a way.

People playing up to stereotypical misconceptions about the behaviour of gay people shouldn't be funny, but this one really was.

I guess it was because you know that they were aware of the fact that they were playing up to stereotypical misconceptions and took it to a very extreme conclusion.

Also Richard Simmons is just so camp that as soon as he opens his mouth to speak ripples of humor start to flow.

Glad you liked it.

25/2/06 10:59  
Anonymous JetSki injury attorneys said...

Hilarious. Richard Simmons is great

29/12/11 21:49  

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