Sunday, December 04, 2005

Formalwear Emergency

I went to a formal ball last night; I was completely oblivious to that fact that I was attending until two hours beforehand, due to circumstances beyond my control. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'd like to think that the fact that the event was held to raise funds for a secondary school at a school hall caused me to be a non-confromist, anti-establishment rebel and that's the reason I wore a regular dark suit, but sadly that isn't the case. The embarrasing truth of the matter is that I don't own a Dinner Suit.

I usually go to two or three formal occasions a year and always rent a DJ. I have always told myself that the fact that I only attend a couple of these a year and the fact that I can hire different styles each time was a good reason not to buy one. After all, The cost of buying one is about the cost of four rentals, and when you take in account dry cleaning bills etc. I would be a fool to buy one, woudn't I?

Well the combination of this little faux pas and my discovery of the student tailor website has changed all that. The economic argument is no longer as valid. As soon as I can scrape together the required fundage I will be placing an order for a complete formalwear kit. I'm determined that there will be no more formalwear emergencies for me!

The ball was fun, the food was decidely school dinner quality, and the band was definately school disco quality, but the company was good. The fact that all the smokers had to go outside and hide in a corner to puff away was also strangely familiar, as was the fact that the school caretaker came round and bollock'd everyone in said corner for leaving their butts on the floor.

It would appear that, at least for me, the more things change, the more they stay the same; and that in it's was is suprisingly comforting.


Blogger Sam said...

I want a tux as well!

5/12/05 12:05  
Blogger Jon said...

Well now you can get one for a reasonable price. I'll let everyone know what the service is like when I eventually get one.

May be a few months before I place an order though.

5/12/05 13:56  
Blogger Sam said...

I certainly won't have the money for a few months - that ad you've got at the moment looks good, though - a tailored suit for £250. I've always wanted a tailored suit, it's an ambition.

I'd love to have a good tux, though.

7/12/05 15:40  

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