Thursday, December 15, 2005

Effing Computer

My effing PC is playing Chernobyl again!!!!!!!

Kept overheating and shutting down, for no reason whatsoever! Causing me to loose the last post, which is probably not such a bad thing.

I have now spent the last fifeteen minutes swapping the fans around so that the fan that came with the heatsink is now acting as a case fan and one of the more powerful case fans is now blowing air onto the CPU heatsink. I am hoping that this will alleviate the problem somewhat.

The new combination has brought to light an issue with the motherboards supply of power to the CPU fan. The fan that was happily spinning at 2700rpm is now holding steady at just under 2500rpm, and the fan that was previously cooling the CPU which never managed to get above about 2400rpm is now spinning at over 2500rpm. Go figure.

There was a slight scare with the power supply when I rebooted, it sounded like a washing maching at max spin cycle when you leave a couple of glass marbles in it (don't ask), but a quick kick, literally; soon sorted that out and it is now operating within normal parameters once again.



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