Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cigar Cool

I received Cigar Cool by Jonathan Futrell & Lisa Linder as a gift this Christmas. It is a book about cigars and cigar smoking. Not a comprehensive tome by any means, this book is more along the lines of an extended glossy magazine article.

The presentation is very well done, very trendy. There are lots of good photographs and some interesting layouts as well.

The typeface used throughout is exclusively courier and it would seem as that the authors have a general dislike of uppercase characters or the shift key was broken, but apart from that the book is a pleasant read.
Cigar Cool
Presentation: 14/20
Layout: 15/20
Content: 38/60
Total: 65/100

The introduction is very self agrandising and should perhaps have been edited out alltogether, but if you make your way past that following chapters takes you on a short journey through the history of smoking from Columbus' discovery of the habit in 1492 through to today. After that there is some interesting information of tobacco and cigar production. This is probably the most interesting part of the book and it covers the history of cigar production along with the methods used to produce cigars from the planting of the seeds to the ligting of the cigar.

Overall it is a pleasant light read for tobacco enthusiasts.

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