Sunday, December 18, 2005


Boris Johnson is, frankly, the mutt's nads. And anyone of that calibre needs to be watched. -
Thanks to Sam, in a roundabout way I came across Boriswatch and felt I had to share.

Boris Johnson is to be frank the absolute best thing about British politics. Tony Benn is great as well and runs a close second, but my favourite Parliamentarians is Boris. Anyone who thinks politics is boring needs to spend some time with either of these two giants of British politics.

I know that Tony Benn retired from Parliament in 2001 "to devote more time to politics", but his presence is still felt. His son Hilary is currently an MP by the way, making him a 4th generation Benn MP.

Returning to Boris, MP, Journalist, Author and general good egg. If there were a lot more Boris' in Parliament, life would be a lot more fun, and for that he deserves recognition, there just isn't enough fun in modern British politics and Boris is a welcome breath of whoopee cushion air!


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