Monday, December 05, 2005

Anapod Explorer an iTunes Alternative at last?

If you love the sleek, stylish looks and great ergonomics of an iPod, but have been put off buying one due to the awful iTunes software that you are required to use to manage your music, fear no more. Martin has discovered a possible solution to all of your iPod related problems - Anapod Explorer.

I've had a look at the website and a couple of reviews online and it looks like it is a real alternative. Yes you have to pay up to $30.00 depending on the iPod you have, but surely its worth it if it allows you to feel free to own an iPod.

If you anyone has already tried Anapod, let me know what you think, I'd like to hear from you.
Anapod Explorer is an essential tool for power users who crave more sophisticated control over their iPods. - Cnet
Red Chair Anapod Explorer
Anapod Explorer is an essential tool for power users who crave more sophisticated control over their iPods. - ZD Net Australia



Blogger osbert said...

Can you spell...

"AppleShouldHaveMadeTheIpodLikeThisInTheFirstPlaceInsteadOfRequiringThatHeapOfCrapTheyCallITunes" ?

If you can, you bought an iriver, and didnt pay extra money for the ability to use a powerful piece of kit like something other than an executive toy.

The thought of owning a portable, fast (comparitively, usb 2.0 is fast enough for data transfers), cheap 40 gig hard drive, and NOT being able to transport it to any (vaguely modern) computer, connect up a (pretty much) standard usb cable, and be up and running in 10 seconds is a bit of a shocker really.

This all leaves me wondering how iPod users didnt notice how annoying this was earlier... Oh wait... they use iPoods (sic).... and probably iMacs.... well.... say no more eh?

7/12/05 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you only have to pay one time for the universal edition whether than a yearly payment??????????????

12/1/07 00:24  
Blogger Jon said...

On the Red Chair Software website there is no mention of an annual charge.

In fact they say that you get 'Free Lifetime Updates' so I would say that you only pay a $30.00 fee once for the software.

12/1/07 08:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've recently read that Red Chair has filed for bankruptcy. It also says that after sales support is abysmal.

You may want to check this out first.

26/2/07 18:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DO NOT BUY ANAPOD! I had to replace the main board in my iPod....when I tried to re-register my "new" ipod, it would not recognize my transaction ID. After 5+ emails to anapod went unanswered, I give up! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY....if you any problems even installing it, you are $crewed!

3/12/07 22:54  

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