Monday, November 07, 2005

Batchelors Super Noodles

Batchelors Super Noodles - Chicken FlavourWhilst strictly speaking not an 'instant' noodle meal as it takes at least twice as long to make as any other instant noodle meals I have tried so far; it is none the less pretty quick to prepare, taking about five minutes.

The results however are worth the wait. As far as instant noodle meals go, this is definately the best I've had so far! The texture of the noodles were delightful and they seem to absorb all of the liquid added during preparation. The flavour isn't bad either and I was able to resist the temptation to add any soy sauce. I did however add some pepper sauce around half way through, just to help it along.

I would definately and and without reservation place it at the top of my noodles list above both the Sainsbury's own brand instant noodles and the deadly Ko-Lee noodles.

Despite the presence of Butylated hydroxyanisole [E320] (a waxy solid that exhibits antioxidant properties and is also used in cosmetics), Propyl gallate [E310] (which in tests has been shoen to cause an interference in weight gain and growth in rats, and the occasional fatality, but no ill effects in pigs) & Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides [E635] (an entry for which I found in the Carcinogenic Potency Database, but I had no idea what it says). It is quite a good noodle meal.

It did also include our good friend, the ever tasty Monosodium glutamate [E621].


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as far as instant noodles go, indomie do the best, especially the non soupy ones. in my humble opinion. <--- ***** classic!

go down to those grocery stores in chinatown mate. open yourself up to a whole new universe of MSG and E numbers. you'll never eat bachelor's flavoured chunder ever again!

- fang

8/11/05 10:15  
Blogger Jon said...

Hi Fang & Andy,

As soon as my current supply of noodles runs out I will be looking into purchasing some packs of "Indomie Mi Gor Stir Fried Noodle" at 23p it looks like good value. really does r0xx! Those guys are heroes. The Survival Guide, The Art of Eating & Buyer Guide sections are essential reading.

8/11/05 18:33  

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