Monday, September 26, 2005

UK Photo Calendar

I've been working on a pet project for a while now (with more than a little help from my friends) called UK Photo Calendar. The idea being to build an online calendar with photographs for each day of the year taken on that day in a previous year. Eventually I am hoping to get a calendar that gives some sense of the changing seasons, but not restrict the photos to landscape photos, so that there is a spattering of other interesting photos.

The layout needs some work, maybe quite a bit, but for now I am focusing on the administrative aspects. If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment. There already have been a number of suggestions but the more the merrier.

So far the project has been moving along reasonably nicely and there have been a pretty good response with a number of people submitting photos. There is however a serious lack of photographs so if anyone would like to contribute please visit the UK Photo Calendar website and register and start uploading.

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