Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Joy of Scan

Plugged the scanner in this evening, instantly recognised by VueScan. Set everything up and scanned the first negative - perfect, no problems whatsoever. Things can be so easy sometimes.

Except for the fact that at some point the cludgy VueScan interface didn't update between tab changes as I moved the slider to frame two (to scan frame two), not realising that the interface hadn't updated and inadvertently was sliding the tiff compression value. Ended up with half of the scans at half resolution :(

Its not that bad though as the files are still large enough for what I need them for, but all the same it is irritating. I'm hoping that the next version of VueScan will allow you to lock settings that don't need changing very often so that this kind of accident becomes a thing of the past.

Scanning the last frame as I type this, hopefully tomorrows scanning will be just as smooth but without any mistakes.



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